Monday 29 October 2007

Overdoing it and paying the price

Yes, as I was saying London was exhausting - all that hopping on and off the underground and trying to cram oneself in with too many other people like antisocial sardines was more than a little ghastly. I have no idea how people manage that every day to and from work. They have my total admiration. Rob and Dan saw a night scene of a couple in a cafe being filmed in Russell Square (or was it Bloomsbury Sq) with - I think - Adrian Dunbar, though knowing how brilliant Rob is at names it could have been virtually anyone at all apart from perhaps Alma Cogan whom he would recognise.

Did the madly touristy bit of going upstairs on a double decker bus - the underground where we wanted to get on again, was closed - such fun and eating a very tasty lunch at the Crusty Pipe, Covent Garden whilst listening to a string quartet. Well, that's what they were supposed to be but there were about eight of them?! Excellent entertainment though. Did the usual Tate Modern - stepped over the crack in the cement floor and saw paintings by Jackson Pollock, Dumas, Kandinsky and Matisse - fabulous! Then there were the strange ones such as a light switch reflected on the wall, child-like drawings, an artist's ghastly unmentionables in a tin etc - I completely missed the point..! I suppose it's all about perspective, or something. Walked over the Milennium Bridge - doesn't sway anymore, which is a relief. Saw the Globe Theatre - beautiful.

Went to see Woman in Black. Yes, I know I've already said so but it was brilliant. Two very talented actors - Dominic Marsh and Michael Burrell playing several parts, very spooky. I would see it again without hesitation.

Talking of Spooks, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who isn't enjoying this series as much as the previous ones. I also prefer the different stories each week and hope that should they film a seventh series that they will revert to the old format. Nevermind Rupert is there to hold the fort!

Missed Robin Hood - I know, still haven't recovered but there was nothing I could do. I was out at the Coal Hole with the divine Pete and Andy and their lovely friend "Stella", sorry that's Stacey. I drank far too much as I usually do when I'm with them and had to travel home yesterday with the hangover from hell. Serves me right!

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Phillipa said...

Deb - sounds like you had a fantastic if exhausting time. I missed Robin Hood this week too!