Friday 14 December 2007

Decorations, card lists and queues

Although in senior school the children bring home yummy offerings (the pies were delicious and have all been eaten), I do rather miss the presents that came out of the primary school years (See pics). Every year various decorations come out of the boxes/bags kept in the loft and put up around the house. The Christmas tree decoration in the picture above is usually hung on our Christmas tree but this year the artificial one doesn't appear to be nearly as strong as a real one and so it has had to be moved to an alternative place.

I know it's late but it only dawned on me today that I haven't even started writing cards and I have to send one in particular to South Africa. Needless to say, a quick trot out to the shops at lunch time - complete nightmare of queues and the odd daredevil attempting to queue jump - and I've bought all that I need. I received a brilliant personalised card yesterday from two very close friends. Why is it that I never seem to find really clever cards!

Am not sure what I'm going to do tonight now that The Tudors has finished. I suppose I could work on the wip, but however good my imagination, it's not quite the same as getting a weekly fix of Jonathan Rhys Meyers in glorious regal action.


Lane Mathias said...

I haven't sent one card yet either. I 'm kind of wondering if I leave it long enough, will anyone actually notice?

(I love the home made decorations. We have a set of angels that come out every year although one is now headless and the others are at various stages of leprosy:-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - they are funny aren't they. Ds made me an ornament that was supposed to be a dinosaur but looks like a big brown rat, sans tail!

Annieye said...

I love my kids' home-made decorations too. Christmas wouldn't be the same without them.

Love your cheery Santa! Congrats to the artist.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

annieye - thanks, I shall tell her, though she wasn't amused to have a photo of it on my blog.

Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

So relieved. I'm not the only one who hasn't started on my Christmas cards. It must be peculiar to writers though, as all my non writing friends sent theirs on Dec 1st.

Catch Jonathan in the Hugo Boss ad - how sad am I?

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

fiona - I have now bought cards, so only need to write and send the damn things. Re JRM, I don't think that's sad at all, I'm just grateful he's in the ad so we can watch him!