Monday 10 December 2007

Queen Victoria, Tenors & Tiredness

Dh and I have just returned from a day in Southampton where we enjoyed the wonderful hospitality given by Cunard to witness the Naming Ceremony of their new 90,000 tonnes liner. I have only actually seen similar ships from a distance and this was my first venture on to one and memorable it was too.

The tastiest canapes were served continuously for several hours, together with copious amounts of champagne (I have to admit that apart from one glass I stayed faithful to the lemonade) to the 2,000 or so guests including such well-known names as Terry Waite, the Llewellyn Bowens, Babs and Robert Powell, various news readers, Amanda Burton, Susan Hampshire, the list goes on.

The guests then toured the ship, progressing into the specially built auditorium and were entertained by Sir Derek Jacobi, Katherine Jenkins when the vast curtains pulled back to reveal fireworks exploding,the ships horn blasting and the bow of the ship with the words 'Queen Victoria' directly in front of us. However, my favourite part of the day had to be the haunting Nessun Dorma sung magnificently by Alfie Boe, Jon Christos, Gardar Thor Cortes and the Choirs of Winchester Cathedral - positively spine-tingling. The Duchess of Cornwall performed the Naming and although the bottle didn't break, someone on the ship (you only saw a hand appear over the deck) smashed another bottle against the side of the ship.

It was a great day starting at 5am and delivering son No1 to the airport then dd to the bus, then s-s No 1 to the airport for his flight at 8am and ours an hour later. I have to confess that no writing has been done today!


Lane Mathias said...

What a fantastic day. Ships are so romantic aren't they. Did you fly home or sail:-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Lane - we did have a thoroughly memorable time though unfortunately had to then catch the shuttle, train, plain and car to get home. Sailing would have been wonderful!

Annieye said...

What a wonderful day. Really one to remember. Seems like a long arduous journey though.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

annieye - it was great but today I look as tired as I feel - that is not a good thing!