Monday 3 December 2007

Kangaroos, Mummy bags & word counts

Took my car to the garage this morning (so inconvenient) and the very pleasant chap there gave me a loan car to drive. I had only been in the car several seconds when I reached a yellow line. A kindly driver waved me over, holding up a stream of rush hour traffic as he did so and after taking an age to figure out how to put the car in first (have been driving for years, so no excuse here) I eventually managed to get moving and proceeded to hold up the traffic as the car did an excellent kangaroo impression all the way down the road. Most humiliating but even I had to laugh - not sure if those behind me found it quite so amusing though.

Had to dash out at lunch time and buy my son a mummy sleeping bag. Felt a little foolish asking for one and it turns out that it's a sleeping bag with a hood. How clever is that? You learn something new every day - shame that in my case it's not how to drive a loan car.

Am working on that word count which is increasing slowly but surely. I only hope that what I'm writing is worth reading! Never mind, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and as the deadline is Christmas Day - a date that is racing ever closer - I shall soon be in a position to edit thoroughly.


Lane Mathias said...

I've learnt something too. Never heard of a mummy sleeping bag but sounds nice:-)

Roll on editing!

Annieye said...

And don't you just HATE reversing into a parking spot? I'll drive round and round a car park if I think I can find a spot where I can go in forwards and out forwards. I'm dreadful at reversing, but there again I've only been driving for 30 years, so I can be excused!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Lane - It looks most comfortable, only wish I'd had it here when the damn boiler broke down!

Annieye - I hate reversing, parking anywhere at all, filling with petrol, bothering to go to the car wash... Am just plain useless when it comes to cars!