Wednesday 5 December 2007

Worthy gifts, Maxim & failure

I've just received my first Christmas gift in the post. Instead of a Christmas present, Gerry made a donation on behalf of dh and self to Cafod. I have now received a Christmas card enclosing a certificate telling me that my gift is "worms for composting". I love this idea. It's through Cafod - World Gifts - and the gifts go directly to people living in poverty in developing countries. She does this each year. What a lovely thing to do.

I have attached a link very kindly sent to me by stepson No 2. I don't know what music you enjoy listening to - my tastes range enormously - I find this most inspiring in a haunting sort of way. It's Maksim, Nostradamus - hope you enjoy it

I said I would keep you up to date with the Connect 4 league. So far I've played three games. I lost to my Chairman, he lost to the Senior Marketing person and she lost to me... not too sure where that leaves us. We each have another person to play and have to do so by tomorrow afternoon, so I shall have to track her down and hope that she's even more useless than I am.


Lane Mathias said...

Great gift!

haven't heard of Maksim but this is interesting. Love his moody face:-)

Good luck with the league. Do you get a Connect 4 trophey if you win??

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Lane - I hadnt heard of Maksim either, but apparently he's quite well known in various countries.

The winning prize is £250 voucher (can't remember what for) with £150 for second prize - not bad!