Friday 11 January 2008

It's the weekend...

This is where I'm going to go this weekend. Grumpy and I shall take long (probably damp) walks whilst he attacks seaweed and I mull over storylines and plot problems.

The only other place I shall be found (apart from the car either dropping off or picking up youngsters) is in the shed as I intend making the most of the next two days and pushing ahead with T&OL. I need to make this m/s the very best that I can and then send it out and see what happens. I have a space on the wall to place a ruddy great nail in the shed ready for the rejections that will no doubt find their way back to me, however, this year I intend to at least be brave and send out submissions. It's a start.

I'm waiting for a chap to call me back regarding mouldy cheese. Yes, that's right. Last night having made a tasty spagetti bolognaise (even I enjoyed it) I opened a lump of cheddar (locally bought) only to find it was mouldy (the date was 7 Feb 08) so ds went back to the fridge to take out a reserve supply. This one we didn't open, it was dated 14 Feb 08 - 5 weeks away - and even though the packaging is frosted you could see without a shadow of a doubt that it was even more decorated with the furry stuff than the previous one. I emailed the firm and have kept the packet and although I don't intend purchasing any more of their products I did think that they should be aware that something must be amiss in their factory for two seperate batches to turn out like this especially so far before the sell by date. I know is sounds as if I have a fridge full of cheese but thankfully there was another packet, not from the same supplier and that was glorious.


Anonymous said...

I think the space in the shed reserved for rejections would be better off being used as a place of worship to your man in green tights and no I don't mean the jolly green giant.

There was a 1 inch snail in prepacked sandwich at work yesterday - yuk so much for quality control

Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

I bought loads of packets of fudge from Devon last year, sent it out to friends and that was all mouldy.
The company replaced them about three times over and I kept them all!

I hope you get sent a fridge full - bet Grumpy likes cheese?

HelenMWalters said...

Hurrah for non-mouldy cheese!

Lane Mathias said...

Yuk at the cheese! Hopefully you'll get vouchers for a years supply of (hopefully) non mouldly stuff!

And I hope that nail has very little hung on it:-)

Lane Mathias said...

Also Debs, not sure why but the last couple of times I've left a comment, the email has bounced back to me?

Annieye said...

The weather is much better where I live today. Yesterday was dreadful. For two pins I could join you in that lovely, wild landscape!

I'm going to send out my first book this year too. I need to do another edit before I do. The very best of luck with your book Deb. I hope you get published then i can say I blogged with someone famous!

On the mouldy cheese front - that's terrible. Complain LOUDLY. After all none of us can afford to waste food on that scale.

Lane Mathias said...

Because it 'Exceeded maximum inbound message size'


Ray-Anne said...

Courage ma brave!
You are inspiring me to stop editing my poor WIP to death and send it out.
Your walking route looks glorius by the way! I do miss the sea.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

andrea - I think you're possibly right and instead of visualising rejections try and be a bit more positive (if maybe unrealistic...see here I go again!) A shrine is a good thing. Shrine to the delight that is Richard Armitage - at least it will inspire me. Snail - yuk. I remember once finding a small slug in a sandwich and when I complained they asked if I wanted another one so I said "What slug or sandwich?" I declined either.

fiona - good for you for keeping all that fudge - yum, heavenly. The dairy people are delivering icecream for the children on monday and cheese for me when they start receiving it from the new supplier. Grumpy loves cheese.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmy - I'm with you there, I love cheese.

lane - I only found these messages when I went to do a new post, they didn't come through the usual route. I'd over exceeded my incoming messages like you said, never happened before though, such a pain. So far the nail has four pieces of paper on it for BS but I'm stepping back from that for a bit then will redraft it again.

annieye - best of luck with your book. One day when we're all published we can look back and remember getting to know each other and learning this writing craft. Can't wait for those days. (See positive visualisation again).

ray-anne - I think you're so professional with your editing and it makes me think that I'm not looking at mine as I should be. I think the hardest part is to know when to send it out. I've re-edited so many times now and each time change the m/s quite drastically.

It is lovely and windswept down at St Ouens. Grumpy is desperate to get out for a walk today but I have to get to the shed for a bit first.

Leigh Forbes said...

The wall of our study is rather fetchingly decorated with rejections (and one submission, yay!). As long as you don't look too closely, it's so much more attractive than 'soft peach'.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

leigh - so funny. Good for you re the submission and I suppose our rejections can at least show that we are determined to succeed and keep trying.