Wednesday 9 January 2008

Nearly the weekend... sort of

I'm much happier today thanks to various things happening:

1. Lovely messages on my blog that were not only helpful but also made me laugh - thank you very much.
2. I had my hair done and have gone a little blonder again - I thought I should tone it down a tad last time and...well, it just wasn't me. I now feel more like my old blonde self again.
3. I booked a girls lunch for next Tuesday to catch up with four close friends for one of our get-togethers. So much gossip to swap!
4. A box was delivered from Amazon. My mother who lives in South Africa sent us a gift voucher & I have to admit that on closer inspection of the contents I found that dh had two CD's (we differ greatly in our taste for music) ds only had one CD, dd had three dvd's and I had the following: The Chalet Girl by Kate Lace (a LBD book - I'm loving these), Jilly Cooper's Emily & Bella and Jackie Collins Drop Dead Beautiful. When I did a quick mental calculation - very vague, never been mathmatically inclined - it turns out that I have spent far more than the others (quelle surprise) especially poor ds who really lost out on the ordering stakes.

I don't think any of them are at all bothered, they just seem content that old grumpyguts here has cheered up.


Lane Mathias said...

Now you can have more 'blonde moments' and get away with it:-)

Glad you're feeling perkier. An amazon order and the prospect of a gossipy lunch can work wonders!

Jen said...

Can't beat an Amazon delivery for a bit of instant happiness, can you? Well, except a girlie lunch. Haven't had one of those in far too long. Hope you're going somewhere lovely - I am soooo missing the rock at the mo. Sigh.

Ray-Anne said...

Amazon boxes. Yummy.
LOL Ray-Anne

Ray-Anne said...

And completely with you about Little Black Dress.
Great minds think alike???
Blue hyacinths on my table today.

Flowerpot said...

I loved those early Jilly Cooper books - in fact I've got some here I think - the original versions!

Annieye said...

Parcels are so exciting - especially when there are books in them.

Glad you are happier today.

The thing I missed most about not being at work for four weeks were the impromptu girlie lunchbreaks and jaunts into town when someone wanted new boots, or a browse through the sales.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - I do prefer being back to my 'blonde' self. Thankfully I don't get miserable very often and usually am bored with my mood within a short space of time.

spiralskies - we're going to So Bar which does the tastiest food that each of us always choose the same things (different to each other though) and it's just around the corner from the office so no time wasted in walking there!

ray-anne - I know I adore receiving Amazon deliveries - dh not so thrilled as I already have enough books to fill a small library.

flowerpot - they are so enjoyable to read, I'm not surprised you kept them.

annieye - thanks. I don't often take lunches but do make the effort to catch up with the girls. Hate to miss any gossip.