Thursday 21 February 2008

Stress & The Hero

Feeling ghastly yesterday and knowing that I was due back to work today, I thought that I should attempt to clear my head (am feeling more dizzy than usual) and pull myself together.

So, why not choose the healthy option and enjoy a short leisurely stroll along Greve de Lecq beach. This can be done in five minutes, a long beach it is not! As this is Grumpy's favourite place he raced to the nearest rock and I gently ambled down to the beach, slipped, almost doing the splits (but not quite, thankfully) and landed heavily on my bottom wetting the seat of my tracksuit and causing myself great humiliation and not a little pain.

Twenty or so heads instantly turned the other way and pretended not to have seen anything but dear Grumpy immediately raced back to check that I was ok. Thankfully, apart from a seaweed covered bottom and loss of dignity, I was relatively unscathed.

Needless to say this little adventure didn't help me feel any better and this morning the doctor told me off for stressing so much about missing work and insisted that I relax and let my body fight off this nasty virus. At least I can take it easy and slowly get on with my editing. I have so far done 110 pages but still have 223 to do and am enjoying making the corrections.


Phillipa said...

I didn't know you had shingles, Debs. Massive hugs - that's horrible. I hope your stroll on the beach helps and you are soon feeling better.

And yes - don't be put off or I'll fly to Jersey with a big stick.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

phillipa - thanks for the hugs, it is very sore and a bit of a drag but Im sure I'll feel better very soon. Don't worry I shan't be put off. x

Ray-Anne said...

Well that was NOT the plan. At all. Poor you. Take care and lots of extra hugs for Grumpy.

Annieye said...

I know just how you feel - being guilty about having time off work.

When I had four weeks off on doctor's orders I felt I was somehow "pulling a sickie". Just try and make the most of it. If the doctor thought you were fit to be at work he wouldn't have signed you off.

Hope the soreness goes soon.

Lane Mathias said...

What a flipping awful couple of days.
Glad to see though that you've got stuck back into the editing. You're a third of the way through!

Take it easy on yourself. Shingles is the pits and you've got to give yourself time to build back up.


Marcie Steele said...

Well done on the editing Debs, we're nearly level pegging. I've done 140 pages with 235 to go. Wahey for the girls X

Hope you're feeling better soon too x

HelenMWalters said...

You look after yourself x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

ray-anne - nope. Not quite what I had intended and the worst bit was that I felt I had to keep walking to the end of the beach and back.

annieye - that's how I feel too. I know I shouldn't. Am taking it easier now.

lane - thanks. The doctor did say I have to accept that I'm not well and allow myself to take it easy.

l-plate author - well done you. I'm going to sit quietly in the shed and carry on with more today.

helenmh - will do,thanks.