Tuesday 1 April 2008

Heaven Sent & Dior Lipsticks

The shortlist for the 2008 Melissa Nathan Awards for Comedy Romance has been announced and one of the shortlisted books is the superb HEAVEN SENT by Christina Jones. If you haven't read this book yet then you really and truly should. I loved it but then I have to admit that I've adored all Christina Jones' books.

Here's the full shortlist:

HEAVEN SENT by Christine Jones (Little, Brown)

MRS ZHIVAGO OF QUEEN’S PARK by Olivia Lichtenstein (Orion)

31 DREAM STREET by Lisa Jewell (Penguin)


A GIRL’S GUIDE TO KISSING FROGS by Victoria Clayton (HarperCollins)

MERDE HAPPENS by Stephen Clarke (Transworld)

The overall winner, and winners of the sub-category awards, will be announced at a ceremony to be held in London on June 18th.

I have to admit that I actually do like living where I live but it certainly has its downside. Take lipsticks, for example, no sooner do I find one that suits me perfectly (well, I liked it, not too sure what anyone else thought when I wore it). My favourite lipstick (Christian Dior Addict Ultra-Shine #482) is impossible to find over here. I have been informed by every make up store/department that this lipstick has been discontinued. I have tried buying it online but (can't remember who with, oh yes, it was Boots) let me go through the entire rigmarole until the end where it stated that they don't send to the Channel Islands. Note to senior person who decides these things, this isn't Mars or Pluto, we're only a short trip across the waves.

Nevermind, I shall simply have to stock up when I'm in London in just over a week for the London Book Fair - SO EXCITED - I just hope I don't get lost as I have the sense of direction of a confused gnat.


Yvonne said...

Thanks for the list and the recommendation! The London Book Fair sounds brilliant - I'd be well in the red after that!

HelenMWalters said...

London Book fair! I don't think I could trust myself - and suspect you can't either! Keep reminding yourself of the size of the TBR pile!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

yvonne - Heaven Sent is a wonderful read, I loved it.

Thankfully I shall only be going to a masterclass, "How to Get Published" and will have to leave straight after to meet R and the youngsters, so no time for too much in the way of shopping, which is a good thing.

helenmh - I shall hopefully be learning lots (taking notes, no doubt) and not buying much (famous last words).

Lane Mathias said...

I bet you can't wait for the LBF! So exciting.
Have you tried ebay for the lippie? Try .com not .uk. I buy a discontinued Lancome foundation from the US, Far cheaper too:-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane = I can't wait, I just hope I manage to take it all in and remember what everyone said.

Thanks for the Ebay tip, I would never have thought of that. Am going to have a look.

Karen said...

The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy is great - it made me laugh out loud :o)

I was going to mention Ebay too - it's amazing what you can find on there.

Have a great time at the London Book Fair...I'm not at all jealous!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

karen - I fancy reading Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy too - yet another book I shall need to buy.

I've tried ebay (thanks Lane) but they didnt have the number I wanted, such a pain.

I'm looking forward to LBF, can't wait as have never been to anything like that before. Hoping to pick up some useful hints and shall blog about it of course.

Ray-Anne said...

Only if you want one of the authors to sign your book.
I have only been to the London Book Fair Once, and came away with a huge swag bag of free proof copies, thrust at me from the trade stands the publishers run - they even give you a carrier to put them in!
Since I was on the train this was probably not the best idea, but I was powerless to resist temptation like that.

One tip - bring water and snacks. It was such a crush and the local eateries were all fully booked by the agents and clients etc, and you will be on your feet all day.

'Transport for London' is the best online way to plan to get there - and I would suggest the bus, unless you are in a hurry.

Should be a blast. :-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

ray-anne - freebies?? I shall love all that and will be unable to turn any down of course.

Thanks for the advice, I shall remember to take water/food etc. Most useful. I can't wait.

Christina Phillips said...

Wow. That's unbelieveable Boots don't send to the Channel Islands! What century are they living in?!

And how exciting you're going to the London Book Fair! Have fun!

Leigh Russell said...

Your shed sounds wonderful! I'd better not tell you what goes on in the shed in my first book... suffice it to say I write crime fiction!!! But on a more positive note, Bernard Shaw wrote all his masterpieces in his garden shed. The little room where I write is right in the middle of the house and everyone uses it as a corridor - ignoring the 'Please go away I'm writing' notes! A laptop in the shed... sounds good.

Leigh Russell said...

LBF sounds tempting...

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

leigh russell - I love the shed and it is so peaceful out there. I think the rest of the family love it because it keeps me from moaning at them to keep the noise down so that I can concentrate.

Am looking forward to LBF, can't wait.

Phillipa said...

Debs - GREAT news about Christina, isn;t it - and have a great time at the LBF! Dare I ask what you are planning to do and see there?

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

phillipa - yes it's lovely and so well deserved.

At the LBF I'm going to the Masterclass on 'How to Get Published'. I'm so looking forward to going as Ive never been before.