Thursday 6 December 2007

Ice creams, hairdressing & doing rather well

As it's a misty, blustery old December day, I thought I would post a summer picture, though I'm not too sure whether this will cheer me up or torture me. As my m-i-l would say "The nights are drawing in." However, she does say this from Midsummer's Day onwards... So here is a pic of Grumpy enjoying the last bit (only a tiny fraction) of dd's Dairy Milk icecream.

Talking of dd, she has asked me to cut her hair as soon as I've finished blogging. What, again? After all the hysteria when I cut it the last time? Does she not remember what she put me through when I dared to cut rather more than she had envisaged? Oh well, I shall give her one verbal warning then get on with it. Surely the fact that I visit a hairdresser to have my own hair cut should tell her how much confidence I possess in my own hairdressing skills.

The Connect 4 league is doing splendidly. I say this because I had to have a play off against my Chairman - who beat me the other day - and I won! So I am now in the quarter finals. I've never managed to get to the quarter finals of anything before although that probably has something to do with the fact that I don't take part in any sporting activities. Apparently there are only two females (was going to say girls then thought better of it) against a load of men. They are so competitive. One chap can apparently can tell your next five chess. I just try and stay focused for the entire two minutes of the game.


Lane Mathias said...

I thought Grumpy was having his teeth brushed until I read your post:-)

Stay focused! That trophy could soon be yours!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Lane - It does look as if he's having his teeth cleaned. Thankfully he has chews that supposedly do that job. The next round is on Tuesday. I suppose I should practice over the weekend. Doubt I will though.