Saturday 5 January 2008

Bad things, good things & being a little strange

Several bad things have happened:
1. I went to my sister's party and ate pasta. I know this doesn't sound so dreadful but when you think that I had only managed to refrain from eating wheat for a sum total of three days it isn't very encouraging.
2. It turns out my new heater is pretty loud for such a small item.
3. And this is the worst thing as far as I'm concerned - I ran out of Midget Gems and couldn't find any more to restock my jars!!!!!!

The good things:
1. I enjoyed the party despite my lack of self-control.
2. I spent hours in the shed writing today - even turned down lunch with dh and the boys and managed to forget about the noisy fan once I had got going.
3. I did find a replacement packet of sweets to fill the jars. They're like wine gums and only black or red ones - not as enjoyable but will keep me going until I manage to find more Midget Gems to satisfy my addiction.

I usually drink Earl Grey tea/herbal teas but when I'm in the shed I love a good honest to goodness mug of Tetleys. As you can see the pic above, I have a small tin tray, on which I load my mug (I have two with peppers on) coupled with two chocolate digestives (I don't always stop at two you understand, but thought I should for the sake of the photo) and a hobnob for his grumpiness. I take these out with me when I amble down the path to the shed and for some strange reason they help me get into my writing mood. Strange habit really, though I suppose it could be worse...


Annieye said...

Your word counts look impressive. WOW!

My husband, son and daughter all have coeliac disease and can't eat wheat or anything with gluten in. Now middle son has left home I find myself the only person in the house who can eat normally. Think I might go on a gluten-free diet too to save time!

Now middle son has finally left home I hope to have a writing space I can call my own soon, instead of using the pc in the living room or going in the kitchen with my laptop.

Happy new year.

Lane Mathias said...

Writing habits are odd aren't they. I can't sit down to write without a mug of something next to me and some nibbles not too far away. Glad you remember a hob nob for Grumpy:-)

Just noticed the title of one of your books - Truth and Other Lies. Great title!

Marla said...

It is so hard to stop eating certain foods. Once I say I will stop the food it is all I can think about!

Jenny Beattie said...

Hmmm, Debs, I know just what you mean about the wheat and pasta. Pasta is to me as bacon is to a new veggie. I love it - can't live without it, which probably means I should.

HelenMWalters said...

Your shed sounds great. I must, must, must tidy my writing room!

Flowerpot said...

I drink rooibosh tea which I love, and have a mug that a friend gave me (the current one - I am fickle in my favourites). As for biscuits - fig rolls.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

annieye - Happy new year to you too. I think it's amazing now many people have food intolerances. I eat things that I shouldn't but the ones that do cause me problems, mainly beef for some strange reason, I don't bother with at all. I think it makes all the difference having your own space for writing, good for you.

lane - I actually took that name from a band my brother used to be in!

marla - I'm the same, it's such a drag. All I want at the moment is pasta and toast!

jj - I could live off pasta with most things and bread in various guises! Mmmmm...

helenmh - I need to sort through the mountains of paperwork in the shed too.

flowerpot - I remember rooibosh tea from my South African days - mother lives there. Fig rolls sound so much healthier than chocolate digestives.

Leigh Forbes said...

Getting in the mood for writing is absolutely vital for me. I can pretty much write anywhere, but I'll write a thousand words more in an evening if I'm slouching on the bed, with my headphones on, and a glass of beer beside me.

Strange habits are fine by me!


Happy New Year, Debs. You're doing impressively well with your word counts - I'm finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things. Don't beat yourself up about the odd bit of pasta. In a couple of days it'll be as though you'd never had it.

Chris Stovell said...

Happy new Year Debs. I longed for a place of my own in which to write and now have my own study (luxury) but I have to say there is something seriously creative about your shed and if tea and hobnobs invites the muse in it's a habit I shall be tempted to try!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

leigh - I have to be in the shed with no noise at all, I would probably doze off if I was in bed!

littlebrowndog - thanks. You're quite right about the pasta. Once I've eaten something I shouldn't I usually give up but shall try to press on this year - for now at least!

Chrish - How lovely to have a study, I did want one too but it would have meant moving one of my step-sons out of his room and even though he's only here several weeks a year it did seem a bit mean, hence the shed and now I'm there, I love it.