Saturday 12 July 2008

Corrections, Sore Feet & Grumpy

My corrections are going along swimmingly and I'm now half way through, so today, after doing the usual shopping, walking the dog, etc I shall press on as I'm determined to send it out on Monday. Unfortunately, because we need English stamps I have to go and queue at the Main Post Office in St Helier. To be honest, it isn't far from my work but the idea of parking outside my small local one and trotting in is far preferrable.

On Thursday I had a client over for the day, which meant that although I'm usually smart, I had to wear a suit and therefore instead of the usual again smart, but not right for the suit, open-toed mules, I wore my toe-crushing court shoes. I was fine for most of the day but by the time I was racing to the car to collect S from the car restorer's (I was late of course) I was in complete agony. So for the weekend I shall be in the spongiest footware possible and thankfully have a veritable range of flipflops to slip my aching feet into. The only problem is that I have to go to London for the day in a few weeks and need to decide if I start traipsing around the shops (only like to do this when I'm in the mood, say, about once a year) to buy replacement shoes or wear my bone-crushers and hope that I spend most of the time sitting down?

Grumpy, who found it all a little strange that S was in the house without J being there too, has now settled down and is back to his usual self of either barking at anything that moves or sleeping. I had just got comfortable in bed at about 9pm last night when a firework display began that looked beautiful from my bedroom window, but caused chaos because it upset and infuriated the dog. Thankfully, he goose-stepped around the room for a bit when it finished and grumbled and barked for a few moments and then must have decided he'd sorted everything out and went to sleep. Such a relief.


HelenMWalters said...

Flip flops are the only sensible thing to wear on your feet when it's hot. I'm so glad that I do the sort of job where I can even wear them to work!

Tamsyn Murray said...

Ooooh Debs, hope all the dogs have stopped barking now :-)
Lucky you, Helen. Flip flops are on the forbidden clothing list where I work, along with boob tubes and bermuda shorts. I don't really know why.

Anonymous said...

just to say that i have read this post and thought that the picture of Grumpy lightened my mood. i tend to feel rather negative in the afternoon when our day's work is done. today, we checked out numerous temples of Angkor, but will see the actual Angkor Wat tomorrow, getting up really early to see the sunrise. i have returned from seeing the sunset from a different temple and the sun hid behind some clouds, after we waited there for approximately 1 hour, but hey, it was fun nonetheless.

as a group, we have decided to adjust our role rota so that we have permanent roles that are better suited to us, and so, i am responsible for feeding 11 people in a jungle for 6 days as Leader Of Food!!!!!, yay! i dont know what possessed me to volunteer for it, haha! dont worry, i am in very supportive hands.

thanks again for keeping me posted.
lots and lots of love, J xxxxx

Karen said...

Great picture!

I can't wear heels, thanks to a dodgy toe-joint (too many silly shoes in my younger days) and I hate wearing flat shoes as I'm short. It's not fair!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - lucky you, I wish that my job allowed me the pleasure of wearing flipflops.

tam - I must work in a similar place to you, we aren't allowed flipflops (shame), boobtubes (no problem there as I couldn't wear one anyway) or bermudas.

j - thanks for the message, I'm so pleased that you're having such a lovely time and I'll bet the sunrise at Angkor Wat will be amazing.

I laughed when I read that you are responsible for feeding 11 people for 6 days. I shall remember that next time the boys come over!!! Enjoy yourself and don't worry at all about us, we are fine. I'm just about to drop Sas off at your Dad's house and shall take him a copy of this message. Love Mumxxx

karen - ouch, that toe joint sounds sore. I'm also a bit too short for my liking without heels.

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Grumpy! so Grumpy and kissable! x

Carol said...

Debs I hear your pain!! I live in my flipflops and now hate wearing any other type of shoe cause they are just not comfortable. I'm currently trying to convince hubby that I need to get a pair of boots made for coming to Scotland in September (It costs the same to have a pair made here as it would to buy a pair in the UK) so my feet don't hurt!! He's not convinced but I have a few more weeks to work on him!!

LOL at the image of Grumpy goose-stepping!!

Good to hear that James is still enjoying his trip

C x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

motherx - he really does have a grumpy face, doesn't he?

carol - best of luck persuading your husband about the boots. My feet are still sore from the other day, I think I will have to buy new shoes to go away with.

G is so funny when he goose-steps.

I'm glad J is enjoying himself too, what a wonderful adventure to go on, lucky thing.