Sunday 20 July 2008

I'm Back - Phew

Thanks to N (b-i-l) spending most of a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon on my computer, I'm back and raring to go. What a relief and how kind especially when you think how lousy the weather has been for most of the summer.

It has been dreadful not being able to go visiting blogs, or posting although I've managed to do a lot more reading than I usually do and finished Nell Dixon's excellent, Blue Remembered Heels. I've still done my 100 words a day and this morning wrote a short story entry for a competition, so I haven't been entirely out of the writing loop.

James, I shall be thinking of you for the next six days and hope you don't get too exhausted carrying that rucksack all those kilometers (125km). I can't wait to see the photos and would love to be seeing all the fascinating places that you're visiting. S is just back from your Dads and says that H is fine and was taken for a walk today by Chris. R is cooking a stirfry with courgettes, carrots and sugarsnap peas from the garden. Grumpy is exhausted as he has been chasing Georgie & Josh around the garden for most of the afternoon. X


Kerry said...

Ooh - What Short Story competition? Glad you are back and ready to go! And also wanted to say the exchanges between you and J are so lovely. What a good lad - you must be really proud :)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

kerry - thanks, it's been hell not being able to mooch around the internet and enjoy all this displacement activity. The Competition is for the closing date is 31 July and I dont know if you have to be from Jersey/Channel Islands or not. Have a look. D