Monday 14 July 2008

Blue Remembered Heels, NWS & Pimms

I wasn't much help in the garden yesterday and only managed a half-hearted attempt at a little weeding and dead-heading in between printing off my m/s. This took far longer than I'd hoped as the damn ink ran out (of course) but much to everyone's relief, mine especially, I did have a spare cartridge, so the hissy fit was short-lived.

I've now queued, bought £16 worth of stamps both Jersey (very pretty one of the Queen) and English and sent the brown envelope that has been taunting me from the sideboard for the past couple of weeks off on it's merry way.

I was then far too exhausted after all that printing to return to the gardening and settled with a cool glass of Pimms and Julie Cohen's novel Honey-Trap and refused to move until I'd finished it. Great read, loved her hero too. After that I spent a little time with R & S and we watched George Gently (this time without Richard Armitage, sigh) and went to soak in the bath and started to read Nell Dixon's Blue Remembered Heels. I'm loving this too and as soon as I've done my 100 words for the day, I'm off to treat myself (once again) to more of this excellent story.

I phoned my mother this morning at 7am (her time) to wish her a very happy birthday (I daren't say her age as she will kill me and reads this) anyway, my step-father answered the phone and said, "I'm afraid, she's not back from the gym yet." Gym?


Yvonne said...

Congratulations on sending off your m/s, good luck but I'm sure you won't need it. The gym at 7 in the morning? Shudder.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

yvonne - thanks, I shall wait to see how the report is from the reader.

My mother puts me to shame in the healthy eating/exercise mode.

Lane Mathias said...

Your mother's 100?? Oh no that's words you've written today:-) Must read properly!

Happy birthday Debs mother!

(and well done Debs on getting that m/s out!)

Kat W said...

Well done on sending your m/s!

Maybe 'gym' is an acronym for a secret club or something??? I've certainly never heard of such a place!!!

Kat :-)

Unknown said...

Good luck with the manuscript submission. I'm wishing you all of the best.

Mom off to the gym on her birthday. Now that sounds like quite a story right there.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

lane - you gave me fright then, I thought I'd written it wrong. She would not have been pleased.

Thanks for the b/d wishes and re the m/s. It as great to see the back of it for a bit.

kat - lol. In my case it would certainly have to be. I've not seen the inside of one for about 9 years!

chad aaron sayban - thanks, it's to the Romantic Novelists Assoc and as a member I'm allowed to send in one m/s per year and I'll receive back a detailed report from a designated reader. They're very useful but also point out mistakes that I missed and that they find glaringly obvious.

It would be a good story, I shall have to get thinking.

HelenMWalters said...

Well done for sending the manuscript off. You deserve to feel quietly smug for a while!

Carol said...

Good luck with the m/s (not that I think you need it!!)

Your afternoon sounds great....Pimms and a good book followed by a soak in the tub.....bliss!!

Gym....on your that is dedication!! Happy birthday Debs Mum

C x

Christina Phillips said...

Good luck with the NWS Debs. And my cartridge always runs out mid ms print-run as well - I think they do it on purpose!!

Kerry said...

MMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmMMMMMMmmm Pimms and a good book in the sunshine - yes I think I've made my plan for the day!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - I'm going to allow myself a day or two to just do the usual 100 words, check emails and read.

carol - thanks. It was a great afternoon, wish I was doing the same now but it's foggy and not pleasant at all.

Thanks for the wishes.

christina phillips - I think you're right, it must be a conspiracy between printers.

kerry - It is a blissful way to spend the day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mum, please give my b'day wishes to Nana as well, i hope she is ok, what with all the 'exercise' and all. also send my love to Dad, who i hope has received one of these messages that assures him that i am fine. lastly, send my love to S, i hope she is enjoying (or will enjoy) her Summer Hols.

Best Wishes, and Thanks,
J xxxxxxxxxxxx

Liane Spicer said...

Your mom sounds terrific. My mother is also that kind of animal: always health conscious from way before it became fashionable, always exercises and eats healthfully. Unlike her disgraceful daughter.

Congrats on getting that MS out there!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

J - I've just answered all this in yesterday's post comments! Your dad has a few of your messages and is thrilled that you're having a great time. Sas is fine and insists she's not missing you at all (typical little sister) She is spending this week doing very little and is bugging me for a new phone.

I shall tell Nana T that you sent b/d wishes, she is also following your progress on this and is looking forward to coming over soon. R has arranged for A to come over for 3 weeks (M & D won't be as they are working) and he arrives the day after you get back.

Enjoy yourself, make the most of this trip love Mumxxx

wordtryst - I know how you feel, my Mum sounds exactly like yours and has never been overweight in her life.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update mum... again.
heading off for the big trek tomorrow, Chang Mai & Chang Rai, so i wont be able to contact you until my R&R Phase at least (more than a week away) which is a huge shame, but nevermind. the food job is going well, as i am aided by two others, including Cartwright, who is a prodigy. lots of love, as always, J xxxxxxx

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

j - am impressed that you're doing so well with the food and cant wait to see photos of Chan Mai & Chang Rai. Love Mum xxx