Thursday 17 July 2008

James - Happy Trekking

Hi there, just a quick post to wish you well with your trip to Chang Mai & Chang Rai and the trek. Glad to hear the cooking is going well and that Cartwright is helping you too.

Your sister has been messing about with the computer and I now have some sort of virus that's messing things up a bit, so will need to spend a bit of time sorting it out. (I'm having a nightmare with this and will do my best to post but may not be able to for a few days, thankfully b-i-l is helping me suppress the virus so that I can add this).

V wasn't there yesterday when we went to Greve, only a miserable girl who didnt want to serve food but V's son appeared and then she was more helpful. The breezeblock had his usual order of a sausage and wolfed it down in no time.

I'm now off on holiday from work for the next ten days and can't wait to be able to sit in the shed for a decent amount of time. Nothing new to report, I just want you to thoroughly enjoy yourself. x


Carol said...

James - You will love Chaing Mai...the night markets on walking street are fantastic (make sure you get your Mum something nice :-)) and if your missing home then there is a great Irish restaurant (The Laughing Leprecon) that does a very good steak and ale pie!!

Chris Stovell said...

Eek - have just had a real battle with a virus I stupidly downloaded. Hope your's is zapped soon. Sorry to butt in James.

Anonymous said...

lol, no worries. normally, i wouldn't bother commenting on this blog as i would be at home reading it with nothing to say for myself. it would feel like my mum set up a blog that she puts ages into just to create a way to speak to me for a month, rather than getting an email address that i can remember. i prefer using this blog anyway, as emails can get sent completely the wrong way with a spelling error. happy to hear from you and the support from others, i feel like i have stolen my mum's blog and have now formed a fan club! not so happy to hear about the virus thing, though its good to hear that S is her normal annoying self at the right moments lol. thanks for the update on the cafe and thank b-i-l for me as he helps you suppress this thing in order to talk to me. i have just left Chiang Mai via 4-hour-bus journey and am now in Tha Ton. the night bazaar was good, as was the older city square with the moat (sp?)around it. as usual, with Lots and Lots and Lots of Love, J xxxxxxxxx

(P.S. Just Kidding Sas!)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

carol - thanks for the comment, I think he's having a wonderful time, I just wish I could see it all too.

chrish - having a nightmare, I can now get onto the internet but everything takes an age to link up. Grrr. Glad yours is sorted.

J - have been looking at pictures on the internet of where you've been and it looks wonderful, you lucky devil. X