Monday 5 November 2007

Bonfires & Fireworks

Tonight of course is Bonfire Night and I have to admit I do enjoy a good firework display. Last night I watched fantastic bursts of colour from one of our upstairs windows and tonight there is a huge bonfire and display arranged just down the road from us.

A fabulous read involving fireworks is Christina Jones' Heaven Sent. I've sadly just finished the book and wholly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a thoroughly entertaining story with vibrant characters that will make you completely forget any problems you may have.

Of course, the only member of the family who simply hates this time of the year is poor Grumpy who barks incessantly and stresses dreadfully over all the loud bangs. So I shall be staying at home with him and making the most of the final episode of the brilliant Doc Martin and keep the volume turned up to cover most of the noise outside. Scarily I found a rocket just near the shed on Sunday morning...wood & fireworks simply don't mix so I shall have to keep an eye on my 'writing place'.

Happy Bonfire Night.

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