Saturday 10 November 2007


Feeling a bit blurgh this morning but at least its Saturday. Spent several productive hours in the shed last night - hurrah - until the creaking and strange noises wound their way into my consciousness and spooked me (there you see, Spooks again) and Grumpy and I returned to the solid walls of the house and settled down for The Tudors - great stuff. All that testosterone flying about - arm wrestling between Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the divine Henry Cavill (who comes from dear old Jersey), feminine wiles and thundering around on magnificent horses. Marvellous.

Today, I'm about to take a large mug of Earl Grey tea and meander (even though it's a straight path but feeling slightly dizzy - yes more so than normal) to the Shed and get on with the latest WIP. One of these days I shall write something that someone else wants to read but until that time I shall keep plodding away and at least I enjoy writing it.

Where's that tea?


Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

Oh, another Tudor lover - in fact I wouldn't mind a Tudor lover at all but, of course, only in my dreams. Alas I don't think the tutor lassies made it into their forties did they?

I do love Grumpy!

Lane Mathias said...

Ha - hope you made it to the shed without stopping for some important snail removing action.

Adore Spooks, but have to crank brain up to keep up plot:-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Fiona - I have to say I agree with you regarding those Tudors. Grumpy is a sweetie but so are Bramble and Jessie.

Lane - Snails! Hah, they drive me crazy. The poppies are actually where my vegetable patch is, or should be. I have them all over the garden and they've popped over to the veg patch and looked so heavenly that I refused to let dh remove them.