Monday 26 November 2007

Solitary Poppy, Midget Gems & WIP

Look what I found yesterday in the garden, a beautiful solitary poppy. I can't believe that there is still one left this late in the year, mind you we did have a late summer I suppose. Anyhow I had to take a photo of it. Sorry about the photography, obviously not a skill I possess.

After the usual Sunday morning doing the dreaded ironing, which actually didn't take that long, but seemed to take forever. I enjoyed an exhiliarating walk on St Ouen's beach with dh, dd and Grumpy. We strolled along watching the surfers and enjoying the fresh air as he raced back and forth attacking the odd bit of seaweed.

Then it was back to the shed and onwards with the wip. I ate so many Midget Gems that I felt rather sick but at least I managed to push on with the novel and naturally had no problem polishing off a tasty roast chicken supper prepared by dh who is only too grateful to have the house to himself whilst I'm in the shed.

The company I work for moved into a new building today. There are now 200 hundred staff over four floors whereas before we were in four buildings. It was all very strange, however, at each desk was a mug with our names on. Quite a thoughtful touch I thought and immediately found the kitchen and filled mine with hot chocolate!


Annieye said...

I love Grumpy. I bet he loves it on the beach.

On your WIP - when I got tangled up with the plot I did a long timeline with dates at the top and events at the bottom. I did it big enough to spread around the utility room walls so that I could write on it as I edited and check dates, etc.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Annieye - thanks for that, I shall give it a go. All those words and characters can get a little confusing as to who has done what and when.

Ray-Anne said...

Since I had no idea where this beach was, I could not resist a little Google - and am now, of course, incredibly envious that you live so close to that lovely beach.

Of course, if I lived there I would get no work done at all.
I think it was the late Les Dawson who said he went to Paris in his 20s to write a book , only to find it was so fabulous he did nothing and there is a lot to be said for the garret in Bradford in winter.

The shed must be without a sea view!LOL Ray-Anne

Vicky said...

hey debs!
ooh your blog looks interesting! as soon as i have a break i have to come peak in. quick silly question though: how do i get a picture up in the right-hand column??
gotta run, will pop by later ;)

Lane Mathias said...

What a lovely Sunday!
Funnily enough I photographed a rose in my garden yesterday. It looks so odd amongst all the bare twigs.
Like the mug thing. That's a thoughtful company:-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

ray-anne - you are right, there is no sea view from the shed only a hedge, couple of trees and a bit of lawn. I do like writing with the doors open in the summer as the sun sets facing the doors and it can be lovely but at this time of year its usually dark when I'm in there.

Vicky - hello there, thanks for visiting. I think you have to go to Customize and then edit one of the boxes on the rht hand side by clicking on it and going to the relevant box after that to upload a pic. If not let me know and I shall look again.

Lane - I love that there is still some colour in the garden. I usually have the odd rose until end Dec and also have geraniums out at the mo. My company is run by a fabulous CEO. Great chap who has seen it grow from 28 to 200 people in just a couple of years.