Thursday 22 November 2007

The Finishers, word counts & tea sets

I'm so excited. The good news is that I'm now a "Finisher" and therefore have to finish (or do my level best) my wip by Christmas. The bad news is that I only have 33 days in which to do it and having only achieved 6,600 words so far, feel I'm probably being a trifle ambitious. However, watch this space because as I've stated before, I'm a tenacious little devil (okay, so not so much of the little) and fully intend to do it.

I've just returned from work where I've been packing up my desk. How the hell I managed to fit so much junk into three draws I cannot fathom. Mind you, when you take out the various notepads -thousands of them. What is it about me and notepads; lipsticks - various shades of pink; mugs - will only use my own; paperclips - again 1,000s; crispbreads for those days when I insist I'm going to lose a stone; money - I find that I'm £1.45 better off than I thought and as I only had 57 pence in my purse today (tomorrow is pay day thank the Lord) it was most welcome and meant that I could buy a Whisper on the way home as well as a Jersey Evening Post.

Have just come back from my neice's second birthday party. I had bought her a pink case with a china tea set inside and a pink gingham (what makes you think I like the colour pink) cloth to place it all on. I wasn't sure if she would like it and was thrilled that she did. In fact, when her mother insisted that she sit at the table for her supper, she (neice, not mother) took some tomato sauce from the side of her plate, poured it into one of the tiny cups and to her mother's horror drank it and looked most pleased with her accomplishment. Bless!

Right, enough chat. I'm now off to build up that word count.


Lane Mathias said...

Aw look at Grumpy in his blankie:-)

Hurrah for finding money and the colour pink.

Not so hurrah for drinking ketchup:-)

And 33 days is LOADs btw ....isn't it??

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Lane - I think I may just make it. Sat down and got that word count rising madly last night. Great incentive this Finishers. What a brilliant idea.