Friday 9 November 2007

Grumpy & The Tudors

Here's Grumpy sitting on his chair in the shed. This is where he dozes as I'm plodding away on my laptop for hours at an end. Occasionally he'll bark - just the once - to let me know that he needs to visit a tree or whatever but generally he snoozes away blissfully, only too thrilled that the children aren't in the shed trying to cuddle him or play with him. He's so anti-social...probably why we get along so well!
The photo directory at work has now gone live and although you can tell that something is amiss, by my confused expression (all Bob's fault) I don't look as ghastly as I thought I would. Needless to say some of us had a good giggle at the pics before remembering where we were and then settling down once more to get on with our work!
Right, I have to produce 1,000+ words before 9pm and sitting here blogging isn't the way to go about it. SO, the shed beckons once more... Have a great Friday night. Have to press on other wise I'm going to miss The Tudors and I can't possibly do that.


Lane Mathias said...

Oh I do so love Grumpy. I bet he loves his time in the shed with you:-)

btw do you have electricity there or do you beaver away with a gas lamp. Just wondering!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I do have heating, lighting and a fan for when it's hot (not used much this summer though). I also have a never ending supply of Midget Gems to chew when the going gets tough!

Grumpy has his chair and various chews and toys that he's taken out there. A very resourceful dog!