Thursday 29 November 2007

Chapters, Connect & Gerry Butler

Chapter five is going pretty well and when I've finished posting & making the supper, I shall press on with it once more. It's nearly friday and I have to admit how many words I've done, so better move myself.

At work they asked if anyone wants to join the Connect league that is being put together for fun. You know how it works, you receive the zillionth email of the morning (I take until at least noon to come alive) and click on either "Yes" or "No" and press "Send". Clever clogs here pressed "Yes", vaguely aware that it would be some fun thing that we were all taking part in. Not at all. Apparently out of 200 staff only 40 agreed to do it and not only is it going to be a proper league thing but the Connect game itself is one where you have to stand up to put the discs into it. I have the attention span of a gnat with a hangover when it comes to games - give me a romantic novel to read or six hours of North and South and I can concentrate with the best of them but games... So, yet again, not stopping to think is no doubt going to cause me abject humiliation whilst entertaining my workmates. Not a clever bunny!

Before I discovered Richard Armitage, my passion was (and I haven't forgotten him) Gerry Butler. I never managed to see '300' when it came out. None of the children would go and see it with me - too embarrassing, damn cheek. So I'm going to buy the dvd for myself and not share it!


Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

I'm so bad at games that I couldn't even understand what you were writing about and was very glad when I got to the bit about you not being able either, even though you could spend six hours reading a romantic novel - oh me too!

Annieye said...

The trouble with e-mail is that it's just a slight tap on a button and whizz it's gone. No retrieving out of the "out" try like a good old-fashioned memo if the recipient reads it straight away. Writing time is so precious when you work, isn't it.

Well done for getting on with your novel. Lane will be pleased with you and will put her pointy stick away!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

fiona - The only sport that I was remotely good at was riding. Anything where I had to use my own two legs was a complete no no!

Annieye - Unfortunately I shall just have to grin and bear it. Have practiced playing Connect against the children and lost every time, but as ds said "Well if you're this bad you'll only have to play once." Better do a few more words before have to admit my new total...