Monday 23 June 2008

Displacement Activities

Guess who couldn't put off being clipped any longer? Having dropped S at the bus and J at the airport, I then had the traumatic job of taking Grumpy for his clip. By the time he had dug in his heels and cried and I had picked him up, soothed him and let him wee all over the poor woman's herbacius (sp?) border, I left him to his fate and raced like a demon to work - 1 hour late.

At work the lovely filing ladies asked me how I was - I'm not known for my chirpy disposition on a Monday morning - and I surprised them by cheerfully telling them that I was in a good mood. After approximately half an hour, which was the time it took for my mood to blacken, they saw me once more and nodded in a sage-like way. "Never mind, love," said T. "You were happy for a bit." The work day worsened and after an exhausting day, I was able to go home.

Thank you for all the good wishes to R. He had his dentist appointment and is now on antibiotics too. My house is beginning to resemble a small chemist. He's still in pain and apparently if this doesn't sort it out the dentist will probably have to remove the tooth. R said he would rather not have teeth than the pain he's had over the past few days.

Since I've been home, I've done two loads of washing, completed my 100 words for the day, blogged for ages and emailed a few friends. I have yet to force myself to get on with this endless editing although I did forge ahead a bit over the weekend. Oh heck, here comes S wanting to know what's for supper. Oh well, another thing I can do to put it off for a bit longer.


Yvonne said...

My mood was so foul this morning and I didn't even leave the house, that's how much I hate Mondays! I really hope R feels better soon, teeth pain is so horrible.

Lane Mathias said...

Some days are just a never ending stream of chores aren't they.

Thank goodness there's a lovely photo of Grumps with his demon stare to cheer us all up:-)

Hope R's antibiotics do the trick, the poor love.

Pacha said...

He looks lovely after his clip. OW - tooth pain/ache is the worst pain ever I think! Can drive you to madeness...Hope it gets sorted soon.

Sounds like a productive were happy for a bit too!

HelenMWalters said...

Grumpy looks very smart. I have to take Smudge to the vet on Friday which is bound to be a total trauma. He always jumps off the vet's table and start trying to climb up and over my shoulder. I'm sure that one of these days I'm going to end up having a jab for feline influenza!

Michelle said...

Is anyone chirpy on a Monday morning. Glad R feeling better already. Also blogged for hours but hubby now feeling neglected so better be brief.

Carol said...

But just think what you achieved!! You got Grumpy clipped, did two loads of washing, wrote 100 words, blogged and e-mailed....I reckon that's pretty good going!!

Did the whisky work?

C x

Jenny Beattie said...

We had a dog that used to refuse point blank that she needed a poo before she went to the vets. However, the very second we dragged her into the vets' waiting room, she lost all bowel control.

So tell Grumpy that it could be worse!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

yvonne - I hope you feel happier today. R is feeling a little better, thankfully.

lane - you're not kidding, it seems endless. He does have a demon stare, doesn't he? R is a little better thanks.

pacha - yes, I suppose even though my good mood didn't last long, at least it was there for a short while, I suppose.

helenmh - lol, they do get quite hysterical don't they. Poor Smudge (I had a cat called Smudge many moons ago) and poor you.

mickmouse - this blogging is rather addictive and time flies by without me realizing on some days.

carol & chris - he didn't try the whiskey as I think he had over done the pills by the time I'd told him. I'm sure he'll remember if it happens again though.

jj - lol, poor dog, poor you! Grumpy wees whenever he can at the vets.

Kat W said...

Completely off the day's subject....You are reading SMKs 'The Secret Life of Bees' - this is an excellent book. Have you read SMK's The Mermaid Chair? I love both these books. If I could write like SMK I would be a happy woman!!!

Kat :-)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

kat - it is an excellent book. My aunt gave it to me and I haven't read the Mermaid Chair but will get it now that it sounds so good.

I would love to write like SMK too, she's excellent.