Sunday 18 November 2007

Survival, spiders & Grumpy's fight for chocolate

I have survived the party/sleepover and energy that only 13 year olds can muster. Dd had a ball at the party thankfully, so that's that for another 12 months. The "sleepover girls" had been warned about the lack of heating and once duvets had been distributed - they danced and then slept in the lounge where a pathetic fire had been allowed to die down by her older brother who was supposed to keep an eye on it whilst we were partying. The next morning it looked like a bomb site but was soon cleared up.

Yesterday a massive spider ran across my bedroom carpet - probably looking for heat, like me. Thankfully it wasn't like the one in my pic. I took this recently of Dan and his dad (my dh) in London just outside the Tate Modern. Cant wait to go again!

This morning, tired and cold, I decided to treat myself to a lie-in... No such luck. Dh took Grumpy for his morning constitutional and once finished the little swine - that's Grumpy not dh - raced back up to the bedroom and lept onto the bed. Unfortunately as it is pouring with rain he was soaking wet. Once dried off - both him and me - I returned back under my duvet only to hear what could only be sweet papers rustling. Yes, the little devil had been into dd's bedroom, rifled through her bag and stolen a bar of chocolate that he was forcing as quickly as if it were an olympian sport down his throat. Ignoring my orders to drop the offending article, I then had to get out of my bed - again - and wrestle with him to retrive it from the back of his throat. Now you would think that a dog who is only 14 inches tall would have no chance battling a determined adult female...think again! I won, of course, I am after all both determined and female but hell it was one mighty power struggle.

I did manage over 2,000 words in my shed yesterday though, the only warm place I could find. Heavenly, and peaceful.


Jenny Beattie said...

Hello, I just thought I'd come and check out your blog after your visit to mine. I love the Louise Bourgeois' Spider, I saw it in the turbine hall at the Tate years ago. However, I really wouldn't like the big one that ran across your floor! Eeeugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debs. What a picture! I haven't been to the Tate Modern and I think I would avoid that particular sculture, perhaps blindfolded as I walked past it! Chocolate I could definitely live with, spiders absolutely not!

Best wishes, Crystal xx

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

jj - thanks for the comment. I loathe spiders and thankfully my daughter was able to deal with it. Eugh.

crystal jigsaw - Thanks for the comment, the sculpture is impressive to say the least. However, notice that I was the one taking the photo and not standing underneath the damn thing!

Lane Mathias said...

Spiders? Yuk and thrice yuk. I can just about take them if they they have straight legs but when they get 'joints' argh!!!

Grumpy on the bed made me laugh. I am always yelling at everyone to keep their bedroom doors closed when the dogs come in. Do they listen? Course not:-(
Got to admire his speed eating too:-)
Well done on all those words. Go shed!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Lane - Grumpy is such a guts and can sniff out chocolate - something he isn't allowed to eat - at 200 yards.

Annieye said...

Hi Debs

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Love your blog. Hope you get your heating fixed soon - it's horribly cold today. Well done for writing 2,000 words.


Chris Stovell said...

Two thousand words! Move over, I'm coming to see what your creative shed is like!!

HelenMWalters said...

Pets don't want you to be able to sleep do they? I had to put up with a cat snoring in my ear most of last night! I love the sound of your shed. Cosy!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, they are most welcome.

Annieye - Very kind of you to say you like my blog, thanks. The boiler has been delivered but won't be installed for a few days unfortunately. Only warm place is the shed!

ChrisH - It was either write in the warm shed or freeze in the house, hence the 2,000 words.

HelenMH - Poor you with the cat. Grumpy waits until my husband and I are asleep then nestles down between us and tries to push him out. Such a pain. The shed is heavenly and certainly cosy. I love it.