Friday 28 March 2008


Well the script has finally gone on it's merry way. I doubt I shall hear from it again but I mainly entered the competition not because I thought for a second that I could actually win but because I had never thought of attempting to write a script before and now that I have done, I'm glad I did. I even enjoyed doing it (although how bad it is I really don't know, of course).

I shall now get going with the redraft of Reading Paige (not sure about his title but will use it for now). I've been dying to go back to this m/s and had better get a move on as several of the Novel Racers have already finished their redrafts. I also intend sending it to the RNA as my New Writer's Scheme piece, which means that it needs to be ready for August.

I sent out some work to an agent (well two different m/s to two agents) eight weeks ago and haven't heard a dicky bird from either. I know this question has probably been asked thousands of times before but when can I send my novels out to other agents? Have I given the ones that Ive already sent it to long enough to consider it/ignore it/use it as a coaster etc.

J, S and I watched the last episode of Ashes to Ashes last night desperate to see what happened but not wanting it to end at the same time. We agreed that the ending was brilliantly done and were so thrilled to hear that there will be another series next year. Hurrah. Yes, I know I sound like a complete telly addict and I am. Have a lovely day. X


Karen said...

Good luck with the competition - I've never tried script-writing before either!

I like your title Reading Paige - it's clever :o) I'm sticking with mine for the moment, but can't resist thinking up new ones when I'm procrastinating!

CL Taylor said...

Hmmmm. If I were you I'd send out another couple of agent submissions. If you haven't heard back from these 2 after 3 months I'd give them a bit of a nudge to see if they've received your submission.

My experience of sending stuff out to agents has been a mixed experience. NiceMrAgent got back to me the afternoon he received my submission (that's very unusual I think), the personalised rejection I received from MrsNo came back after about 2 weeks and MsBusy LOST my submission and I chased her after 6 months! She's now had the full for a week and a half and MrPopular (the other agent I've subbed to) has had the first 3 chapters/synopsis for under a week.

If I haven't heard back from either of them within six weeks I'm going to send it out to some more agents. I'm horribly impatient!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

karen - thanks. I did enjoy writing it but it could be a load of pants.

I love thinking up titles too.

cal - thanks for the advice. I shall do what you suggest and send them out to other agents this weekend.

Best of luck with your submissions too.

HelenMWalters said...

Sounds like you've got lots going on. Good luck with all of that. I also thought Ashes to Ashes was great. Can't wait for it to come back!

Flowerpot said...

good luck with the competition Debs but i'd send the next lot of stuff out to other agents soonest. Some take ages, some are really quick but there's no point in hanging around waiting. Best of luck!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - thanks. I can't wait for the next series either. I thought Life on Mars was brilliant but actually enjoyed Ashes to Ashes more.

flowerpot - thanks. I shall start sending stuff out again this weekend. Better get printing it off.

Jill Steeples said...

Fingers crossed for your script in the competition, Debs.
I'm up against that August deadline as well with the RNA, we'll be able to compare notes when our manuscripts come back. I think I'm looking forward to that....
Wasn't Ashes to Ashes good last night? Yes, roll on the next series.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

maddie moon - thanks. I do find that the RNA NWS Report is detailed and very helpful. Will you be going to the Conference this year? If so, do let me know and we can meet up. I'm looking forward to it.

DAB said...

Good luck with the script submission, Debs. TFX

Lane Mathias said...

Good luck with your script!

I've no experience with agents at all but when the time comes I will send out to several .. wait ... and then several more. It's your career. I don't see why you should have to hang around too long waiting to hear, when there are so many out there.

Have a good weekend Debs:-)

Jill Steeples said...

I hadn't really thought about going to the conference, Debs, until you mentioned it. Will definitely have a think about it. Have you been before then? And you've already been through the NWS scheme, is this with the story you're now sending out to agents? Tell me to mind my own business if I'm being too nosey!!
I've heard nothing but good things about the scheme. Good luck with your subs, Debs.

Anonymous said...

Good luck debs! and hope you hear from Agents also. Have a lovely weekend. Btw, Id do anything to have your shed!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

tom foolery - thanks v much.

lane - thanks. I think you're right, I shall start sending out more. Hope you have a great weekend too.

maddie moon - thanks. I've been twice before although only for the day on Saturday and it's like a whirlwind but you learn so much from it. The organisation of the whole thing is amazingly good and everyone is very helpful. It is definately worth going if you can do so.

You're not being nosy at all. I've sent both my other m/s to the NWS and the reports I received back were detailed and I certainly too notice of them for my rewrites. The one I'm sending this year is a new m/s that I only finished (first draft) at Christmas last year so will need to do a rewrite before sending it off to NWS.

motherx - thanks and I hope you have a great weekend too.

I do love my shed, it's so peaceful in there. Sheer bliss.

Leigh Russell said...

Re sending multiple submissions - check out the Writers Workshop website for their(free)advice.