Friday 7 March 2008

Potato Panic & Going Great Guns

The potatoes are growing beautifully in the greenhouse and even the ones outside in the vegetable patch have broken through. I was most excited at the prospect of potatoes for Easter (our usual treat) until dh threw a panic when watching the weather forecast. Honestly, you would think he would be more bothered about the plants in the garden rather than a few potatoes being damaged by a puff of wind (still finding Liz Fenwick's post funny from yesterday so am now having a giggle).

I'm going great guns with the editing - after a few useless days - and am up to page 220, although I shall be trotting down the pathway to the shed after finishing this to add a few more pages to the total.

I managed to catch Murder Most Famous today and was so thrilled that Sherrie Hewson won as I thought her book far more intriguing than the bloke (can't recall his name, but did feel sorry for him that he didn't win). How wonderful to write for three weeks and then know that you'll see your book published. Jealous? Who, me?

I'm nearly finished Paul McKenna's book - yes, I know that it is Change Your Life In Seven Days and I'm now on Day 14 but I do think it's helping. Take yesterday, for example, there I was sitting at my desk when it dawned on me that a large transfer that should have taken place hadn't done so. Normally when something dreadful happens at work, I panic (silently, of course, but panic nonetheless) and my brain shuts down and I can't think at all. This time - now promise you won't laugh - without thinking, I put my thumb and middle finger together and calmed instantly and was able to figure out a way to sort out the problem without nearly hyperventilating with fright. Okay, you can laugh now.


HelenMWalters said...

Am I the only one who's thinking - why do celebrities need help to get a book published? If you're a celebrity you can get any old rubbish published anyway. Sour grapes? Me?

Anonymous said...

Glad Paul is helping.I think it works but you have to keep at it the whole time, which I found hard! The c.ds are weird,too relaxing for me!!

Lane Mathias said...

The weather forecast is awful for the next couple of days here. Batten down those spuds:-)

I'm not laughing Debs (re P. McKenna). How could I after my dire 'change your life' cd? Please tell me he doesn't use awful music:-)

Glad it's having some effect:-)

Unknown said...

Thumb and middle finger.........hmmmm. Are you sure is was the breaking wind that calmed you down?

The GUlf News has been very boring these past two days. Maybe this morning bring something new :-)

btw its liz not chris but is I log him out I lose my comment!!!

Ray-Anne said...

Not laughing at all. Sounds perfectly sensible to use all and any tools to hand.
Well done on the potatoes - don't you love spring?

Fiona Mackenzie. Writer said...

I think the paul mackenna stuff is fab.

Guess what Debs? My sister meet Anne Boleyn at Waterloo yesterday. I thought you'd like that. I asked sister is Ms Boleyn was rubbing her neck.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - I agree with you, it seems a little unfair but that's life I suppose. Maybe we can become celebrities ourselves and get our books published that way, then again... how?

motherx - they are relaxing though it's all still new and I probably will forget about it at some point.

lane - your post about your cd did make me laugh. It sounded awful. I can't recall that he has music but there is something in the background (I strangely dont remember much at all after the cd ends, I'm probably asleep).

christian (liz) - thanks for your comment, nice to see you here. I know the finger/thumb thing sounds strange but I actually got the book from Christian's books that he didn't want any more. It's really good too. I also kept the Jackson Pollock one.

ray-anne - I suppose it is working (PMcK) and I can see why he makes so much money with his books.

I do love spring, it makes me so happy seeing all the flowers and everything coming to life after winter.

fiona - he is great, I'm hoping the money bit works as well as the calming down chapter!

That did make me laugh. Shame it wasnt you and me meeting Jonathan RM as good old Henry!

Jill Steeples said...

Thanks for visting my blog, Debs.

I was really pleased Sherrie Hewson won, I thought her first chapter was powerful and I would definitely read on, even though murder mystery is not my kind of thing.

I see we share the same taste in authors, Jilly Cooper, Katie Fforde and Phillipa Ashley. The make it look so easy, don't they? Are your novels of a similar style?

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

maddie moon - I agree with you, I don't usually read murder mystery but was intrigued by her first chapter.

They do make it easy and two of my novels are in the same style - if only they were written as well too.

Chris H said...

Hi there Debs, thanks for stopping by my blog... hope it didn't make you hungry! You shed looks.... cold! Is it insulated? I must try the finger/thumb thingee! I get stressed out all the time!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Chris H - it did make me hungry, it looked so tasty.

The shed isn't cold as I have a nifty little heater in there that works as a fan for the summer too. I also have a jar of midget gems to eat and consume far too many than is good for me!