Tuesday 11 March 2008

Wind? What Wind?

This is a photo of the car park opposite where my brother lives yesterday morning. What the pic doesn't show are the two cars that floated and went into other parked cars. The small blue cottage on the left was only renovated last year or so.

Here is how badly damaged the sea wall along Victoria Avenue was by last night's tide. Incredible when you think how powerful the sea is. Beautiful but deadly if not respected as it should be.

As Victoria Avenue is the main road that is used to get to town from the west it caused chaos during rush hour when it had to be closed due to flooding. High tide was at 8.10 (great timing) and thankfully I was early (for once) and just scraped through before being caught up in all the traffic jams. It took me 25 mins to get to work and the children 1hr and 20mins - they were not thrilled!

I was worried about my shed - of course - but so far, it's fine. Such a relief that we replaced the roof too. Grumpy didn't think much of the howling gales and spent most of yesterday barking, nearly driving the rest of us nuts.

As much as I want to waffle on, I should really make the most of the quiet (one youngster in front of the tv and the other at a meeting) and get on with the rest of my editing. Hope you haven't been too effected by the ghastly weather.


DAB said...

Debs, glad to hear that your shed is OK. Our back garden was a wee bit flooded, much to the cats delight! TFX

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

tom foolery - I'll be glad when it all dies down. We even had two large metal sheets fly off the roof of the office where I work. It was at lunchtime too so it was lucky that no one was hurt.

Jen said...

Great pics - I've waded into work all too often when the storms hit. Poor old Opera House always comes off badly, doesn't it?

I guess the storms are combining with Spring Tides to make matters worse. Ugh... one thing I don't miss is that traffic!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

spiralskies - the whole of Gloucester Street was like a river, it was amazing.

Apparently it was the very low pressure, high tides and gales all at the same time. A friend who parks near the harbour said it was the first time the boats were higher than her car.

I can see why you don't miss the traffic, I hate it and thankfully drive in before 8 and home before 4 so miss the worst of it.

HelenMWalters said...

I keep going out and trying to prop up my garden fence - but I think I'm fighting a losing battle.

Lane Mathias said...

I saw Jersey on the news this morning. The reporter was really taking a battering. Glad you're ok and the shed is intact.
Elder daughter's school was closed today as no electricity. She was quite happy about that:-) Let's hope it all blows over soon.

Karen said...

It's incredibly windy here at the moment - we worry about trees coming down, which happened twice last year...one into next door's garden, narrowly missing their chicken run, and one right in the middle of our garden. It seems to be getting stronger :o(

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

helenmh - best of luck with your fence, I hope it holds out. There's a lot of propping going on here too.

lane - thanks, I would have been upset if anything had happened to the shed.

Why is it when I was at school nothing happened to close it - or maybe I was taking a sickie when it did!

karen - that's the only problem with lovely trees, they can blow down and it's devastating to lose them. Hope you dont have any damage.

Liane Spicer said...

Glad to hear the shed - and you - are all right.

Annieye said...

I'm glad your shed is OK. I feel sorry for anyone who got flooded out. I don't think we had it too bad in sunny Northamptonshire, apart from yesterday being recycling day and stuff being blown all around the street. Our dogs didn't like it either.

The sea looks magnificent though.

Anonymous said...

God! that looks like something out of a film! Id love to have seen it. W loves a raging sea. We had bad wind here but nothing too major.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

wordtryst - thanks, I did keep looking out of the window at the shed though.

annieye - water damage is horrible and so distructive. Glad you didnt have any damage. Grumpy had to be nigh on forced to go outside to wee!

The sea is beautiful especially during a storm.

motherx - it was amazing and so beautiful. I couldn't believe the force and the damage to the wall though as it's such a thick wall and the granite bolders are huge.