Monday 17 March 2008


Happy St Patrick's Day.

I've finally managed to finish editing T&OL - quelle relief - and now am going to take my weary-eyed self and relax for this evening. I do get on my own nerves though. I can edit a 330 page manuscript without too much of a problem, but can I find the time to fill in my Income Tax form? Nope.

I am going to have to sit down and face the damn thing once and for all. The strange thing is that it doesn't even take that long to do (lack of income, stuff all investments, that sort of thing) and I know I'll be so relieved to be able to pop the thing in the post back to the Comptroller to do whatever it is that he does with it. So why can't I force myself to do it??? I promise that I'll make time for it one night this week. (I've actually been saying that for the past two months).

Maybe I should have a glass of wine to celebrate St Patrick's Day and then have a go...then again, maybe not.


Yvonne said...

Fantastic! Am delighted for you (about the edit of course, not the tax stuff)! And happy Saint Patrick's Day. And I wouldn't go near an Income Tax form without a glass of wine ;)

Flowerpot said...

Not surprised hyou';re putting that off Debs. So would I. I spose it needs doing though. Glass of wine sounds better!

HelenMWalters said...

I'm allergic to tax returns as well!

Karen said...

Step away from the wine. Or the tax form. They do not go together!
I must say, editing the novel sounds preferable to filling in one of those bad boys, any day :o)

Anonymous said...

Yes! have that glass of wine! you deserve it. Today was also my mums birthday. She used to love her birthday even though she was 61 ! You can edit your book because you enjoy it...income tax forms...not the same.X

DAB said...

Sod it have two glasses, tomorrow is another day TFX

Lane Mathias said...

Hope you got it done (or get it done tonight!)
Official forms make me go cold:-(

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

yvonne - thanks, I opted for the wine and not the tax form in the end.

flowerpot - I'll have to do it soon though.

helenmh - ghastly things, don't think we should have to do them.

motherx - happy birthday to your mum. You're right of course, it doesnt matter how long the book is, it was still more fun to do.

tom foolery - too true, where's the wine.

lane - nope, still not done. Maybe tomorrow.